heylookimswedish asked:
Sweet and mellow blog. (perfect) peace!

Thank you, man :-)

jackfilltheglass asked:
Our hearts are connected. Namasté.

I think so. Hugs <3

heylookimswedish asked:
Do you know any blogs that posts pictures of the same ''theme'' that you do ?


mymoon-mysun asked:
your blog is just simply amazing, where can i get your music? love the songs and pictures xx

Thank you :-) Which music? I can send you youtube links.

franciscaap asked:
Your tumblr is so inspiring! Such good vibes. I loved it! Good job :))

Thank you ;-) hugs

smiletwtheworld asked:
Hi,i love your blog,nice playlist ^^

thank you :-)

smiletwtheworld asked:
I forgot to ask, what is the name of the song in the playlist marqued as Libertad?

Tribal seeds- Libertad :-)

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