todapureza asked:
And im from Brazil too ♡

Hello, beautiful :-)
I’m not brazilian, I live in Hungary. But you are very-very lucky because you live in Brazil!!! Hugs <3

traz-aquela-onda asked:
Hi! I´m brazilian and my english sucks, but i´ll try hahaha Your blog is absolutely perfect, I love everything here and it´s my inspiration. Congrats ;)

Im blessful. Because i see i can give something to my people with my vibes and pictures! <3

meejess asked:
You have a beautiful world here within Tumblr :)

Thank you :-)

fuckyour-mindup asked:
I'm maddly in love with your tumblr, so many good vibrations, awesome ✌

Thank you beauty <3 i love my followers!

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